What if I want 30 stone knobs to look alike?
Do you want them to look alike in color, tone, or in size? There are rarely duplicates in nature's rocks, pick the order that is important to you and we'll do our best.
How do you choose the stones for an order?
​It helps to know what is most important to the customer. We like to send out stones that are similar in size. If a customer wants a particular element (e.g. color, shape, or marking)
What about screws?
We provide 1" length screws with every knob. Some drawers and cupboard doors require different lengths. We also stock 3/4", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", and 2". If you let us know what you need, we are happy to ship the correct lengths.
Why aren't the prices listed?
Your local retailer will have samples on display and will give you your best pricing.
Where do I get knob backings (escutcheon plates)?
Your local decorative hardware dealer. A good online source is MyKnobs.com.
How do you clean them?
Wipe with a damp cloth. Extra dirty? Hot, soapy water and a soft scrub brush. 
What happens if my kid writes on them with permanent marker?
We needed to experiment to find the answer to this one! On a smooth rock, it will wash off with soap and water. But a rock that still has texture will require wiping with acetone (nail polish remover works). Good as new!
What happens if the rock knob won't stay tightened on the cabinet (spins)?
Does the rock spin on the stem? It's broke! Call us and return it for repair or replacement.

Does the stem spin on the wood? Try putting a metal or rubber washer between the wood and the brass.
Do the stems come in any finish besides brass?
We can mount the rock to a black or silver aluminum base, but the selection of stone will be limited and the knob will be non-returnable. Also, lead time can be up to 3 weeks.
I have a cabinet door that can only have a low-profile knob for another door to work - what can I do?
We can create a low-profile knob, less than 1/2" projection if needed, by eliminating the brass stem and replacing it with a screw that attaches through the cabinet and secures with a nut.
What if I don't know what size screws to use?
We can supply 1 3/4" breakaway screws upon request.
What if I get my knobs and there's one I don't like?
They are always exchangeable. Call us!
What if it breaks?
Rare, but always repairable or replaceable, even without a receipt - no time limit. Just contact us. 
What if I already have holes drilled in my drawer for a pull?
There are many solutions. You could use two knobs, or a Perfect Pair. Backing plates are available for this situation. Or we can create a stone pull on a custom order basis.
Why is the photo of the rocks on the Private Collection page in black & white?
Because of the uniqueness of the rocks, they are hard to duplicate.